Apex, spol. s r. o. Liberec

Control Applications in Industry

průmyslové řízení - koláž
We carry out design, production and deployment of industrial control systems. Our successfully implemented contracts are mostly in the glass, food and machinery industry. As a control system we normally use programmable automates OMRON or FATEK, but we are able to use other brands according to customer's request. In some cases, where for example the project is very cost-sensitive or some special features not found in common programmable automates are needed, we use our specially for given task developed and manufactured systems.

Electronic Systems for Data Acquisition and Evaluation

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In these days there is very important to have an exact information about the actual state of the production and about its technical and economical parameters. That's why the systems for data acquisition and evaluation are more and more used. We have experience with the design and implementation of the electronic systems for data acquisition and evaluation - both automatic and semiautomatic.